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"dumb" payments in satchmo

Wed, 19 May 2010 12:34:01 +0800 | Filed under dumb, payment, satchmo, custom

Some time back, I wrote a "dumb" payment processor for Satchmo - around the time I whined vaguely in this post. It's been almost a month, but I think this overdue introductory article would come in handy for potential users of the module (but mostly myself).

The processor is very simple; what it does is it simply record a shopper's intent to purchase, and does not actually facilitate any transfer of money, like the other payment processors are apt to do.

I wrote this for a client who wanted to allow bank transfers (via e-banking or ATMs), but didn't want to use eNETS. (Don't get me started on that.) It's a fairly convenient process for the shoppers - they get to choose when they pay, but on the downside, there's a step-too-many to setting up a inter-bank transfer for payment.

Writing it was a PITA. I had to do a couple-too-many of things hack-ily to keep the payment system happy, through a combination of signal listeners and copy-pastes. That's because the custom payment modules support in Satchmo is broken, or even non-existent. I guess it's due to the transition to django-bursar, but it's not an excuse to leave things dangling.

For potential custom payment modules: My advice is to wait for django-bursar to be fully supported in Satchmo, as I don't think anyone (myself included) is going to document a soon-to-be-made-obsolete API. If you can't wait, then, unfortunately, there's no substitute for reading the code.

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