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a skeletal controller for codeigniter

Thu, 10 Jun 2010 01:21:29 +0800 | Filed under codeigniter-jinja-inheritance, codeigniter, template inheritance

Some time back, I wrote a library-helper for CodeIgniter that brings Django/Jinja template inheritance to CI views. There are a couple of implementations out there, but I decided to write my own as an exercise mostly, but also to keep closer to the original syntax and style.

It works great. Here's a modified version of the controller I'm using for a mostly static site:

class Site extends Controller {

      static special_funcs = array(

      function _ji_view($view) {
              $this->load->library(JINJA_INHERITANCE_DIRNAME.'/JI_Loader', NULL, 'ji_load');

      function _remap($page) {
              if (array_key_exists($page, self::$special_funcs))
                      call_user_func(array(&$this, $page));

A better-documented, kept up-to-date version can be found in the documentation for the library.

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