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a take on 29th UOB Painting of the Year

Sun, 18 Jul 2010 12:30:28 +0800 | Filed under local

Bai Tian Yuan's 'What'

— http://www.ri.edu.sg/main/rafflesnewsdetail/?id=438

I would have called it the Communist propaganda-like "The People United Will Never Be Defated!"

Check out 7:36 in the ceremony: the mad sweep outwards of the flag, plunging it headlong into the wind. Granted, the posture in the painting doesn't match, but the soldier's expression - or at least, my imagined impression of it - seems like a good fit.

PS. This is NOT a jab at her Chinese origins/affiliations.

Update 11:03 PM 6/8/2012: re-uploaded photo after ST source went down.

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