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a few thoughts on ActionScript 3

Sun, 1 Aug 2010 18:15:23 +0800 | Filed under actionscript

I just completed a "Don't Forget the Lyrics"-style program for a friend.

Basically, it had the following specs:

There were also other requirements, such as having one-time-only songs, a 3-tier hierarchy, media-subtitle delay/offsets, and other nitty-gritty.

When I was first briefed about the specs, Flash came to mind immediately as the ideal platform for implementation. It has good media-handling, comes with a convenient video player (with the Flash IDE, that it), and besides, I was familiar with it.

Used to, that is. It's been a looong time since I last touched Flash/ActionScript - almost 4 years. Many things have changed since my ActionScript 2 days when Flash MX was around. I messed a lot with AS2 then, but I gradually lost touch and the launch of AS3 was lost on me.

So I picked up Adobe's Learning ActionScript 3.0. Although I felt that it was geared towards non-programmers, it was concise and I managed to pick up the important changes from AS2 to AS3. Within 2 days, I was hitting the still-excellent FlashDevelop IDE, but without the mtasc compiler - instead, Adobe's own, provided with the Flex 4 SDK.

Some of the more interesting AS3 changes:

Updated 2013-08-07: fixed mtasc link

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