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some useful Sublime Text 2 plugins

Fri, 8 Jun 2012 16:55:54 +0800 | Filed under sublime text 2

abrookins/GotoLastEdit à la '' in vim

I picked this up from Andrew's post while reading up on the vintage mode in sublime. While I didn't take the plunge in the end, this plugin is now loaded.

There is still some room for improvement, as there are times where it doesn't work as you think it would. Unfortunately I can't reproduce or identify the problem since I was in the thick of the action. YMMV.

abrookins/WrapCode à la gq in vim

Yet another plugin by Andrew, also mentioned in the same post. I didn't have good results with C-style /*...*/ comments, but it works like magic with line-style comments like # or //.

Recommended if you need to get nicely-wrapped lines in patches past bike-shedding gatekeepers.

multiple clipboards


kemayo's plugin does its work via a neat hack. It supports culling to avoid taking up too much memory; in my fork, a LRU scheme is implemented so that least-used copy's get culled.


Git integration

The top result for this is kemayo's [https://github.com/kemayo/sublime-text-2-git]. It supports quite a few commands. I haven't tried it yet, but the plugin source serves as a reference on how to handle subprocesses from sublime 2.

Command-line integration

On a related note, we have misfo/Shell-Turtlestein for command-line work.

IIRC, complex stuff like REPL interfaces (eg git add -p) doesn't work.

Update 10:39 PM 6/8/2012: added screenshot, offset h* headers

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