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new look!

Wed, 7 Aug 2013 03:16:14 +0800 | Filed under bloggart

I've switched to a new look based on Tom Preston-Werner's theme. (Thanks Tom!) Its clean look made an impression when I first saw it; my yearning was further kept alive whenever I browsed blogs with the same look - which is not uncommon, given the popularity of the Jekyll + github setup.

Decisions maketh the man

While converting the Liquid templates to django was straightforward, there were some judgement calls I had to make:

» for older posts, « for newer ones

While this could potentially be confusing, I liked how this let me think of a blog as a smartypants' diary; entries are written from the back, such that new entries show up in the front. A real smartypants.

horizontal rule between title and date, tags

I like this one.

big, red title links on listings

Having them in red gave a good contrast against the blue applied across the board. Bumping up the size helped 'differentiate the posts from each other' (thanks Eli).

Disagree? Fork it on github.

To use it, just follow the instructions for my old theme. To apply the theme to your old posts, you have to run post_deploy.PostGenerator.

Props to Eli James as well for taking a look before the final cut!

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